Creativity: Building on the Differences…and Considering Input from AI

Ten Years ago, in 2013, I wrote the following blog about creativity.

Here’s a thought about creativity vis-à-vis right and wrong: creativity is not about right and wrong. If it can be summed up in one word, creativity is about ‘new’.

People have different perceptions…because people are different. People have different ideas because people are different. People have different perceptions about ideas because people are different.

  • When people perceive and think the same way and accept that situation, there is little ability to experience creativity. [The existence of differences is the seed for creativity.]
  • When people perceive and think in different ways and accept that situation, creativity has a much easier time presenting itself. [Tolerance breeds trust and comfort.]
  • When people judge others as wrong, the likelihood of creativity arising or evolving into invention or innovation drops. [Intolerance breeds distrust and discomfort.]
  • When people accept others as being different and are OK not judging the differences as right or wrong, minds tend to be more open to new ideas. [Open-mindedness breeds open and accurate communication.]

Only when minds are open to new ideas can creativity, invention, and innovation have the opportunity to flourish.

Now, in 2023, am increasingly curious about the various applications of AI.

So, I put the following message into an AI app.

Please review the following 10-year-old thoughts and provide advice/suggestions about AI’s views of the thoughts should be adjusted to fit the recent advancements of AI: [copy of the above thoughts attached]

Here is AI’s Response

The 10-year-old thoughts on creativity remain relevant today, even with the advancements in AI. AI has the potential to enhance creativity by providing new perspectives, generating novel ideas, and assisting in the creative process. The following suggestions can help adjust the thoughts on creativity to incorporate the role of AI:

  1. AI can help bridge the gap between different perceptions and ideas by offering diverse viewpoints and suggestions. It can contribute to the creative process by generating new ideas, facilitating brainstorming sessions, and helping to identify patterns or connections that might be overlooked by humans.
  2. AI can assist in fostering tolerance and open-mindedness by exposing individuals to different cultures, ideas, and perspectives. By incorporating AI-generated content in the creative process, it can encourage people to consider and respect alternative viewpoints, leading to increased trust and comfort.
  3. AI can help mitigate the negative impact of intolerance and judgement on creativity by providing objective analysis and feedback. AI systems can evaluate ideas without personal bias, ensuring that decisions are based on the merit of the idea, rather than preconceived notions or preferences.
  4. AI can promote open and accurate communication by providing natural language processing tools that facilitate clear and concise expression of ideas. These tools can help individuals better understand each other’s perspectives, leading to more effective collaboration and problem-solving.
  5. AI can also contribute to the creative process by providing data analysis, pattern recognition, and inspiration from vast amounts of information. This can lead to the discovery of new and innovative ideas that might not have been considered otherwise.

In conclusion, while the original thoughts on creativity remain valid, incorporating AI into the discussion highlights its potential to enhance the creative process. AI can serve as a valuable tool in promoting tolerance, open-mindedness, and diverse perspectives, ultimately fostering an environment where creativity, invention, and innovation can flourish.

Summing Up

I’ve written about current opinions and concerns about AI, presenting what I believe to be a better approach to ‘AI possibilities’. From the above, it is clear that some AI applications are predisposed [i.e., pre-programmed] to provide messages that deal with concepts that are important to humans. In the above, for the human concept ‘creativity’, AI shares advice/suggestions about future creative AI contributions.

I plan to dig into this deeper. As one example, we are born with creative potential. For many of us, creativity is throttled when we are young. If AI can help people re-ignite creativity then…wouldn’t that bring value to many humans.

Together our conversations can expand solutions and value

We look forward to helping you bring your ideas and solutions to life.
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