Raise Your Service Bar – Inject Clients’ Clients Philosophy Into Your Business


The Clients’ Clients Philosophy is a game-changing concept that can revolutionize the way you do business. It’s about not just providing excellent products and services but also creating additional value for your clients. In this blog post, we will discuss why you must give this idea your best thought and explore how you can put the Cleints’ Clients Philosophy to work for your business.

The Clients’ Clients Philosophy

When asked, “What’s the best thing you could deliver to your clients?”, people often respond with answers like top-quality products, excellent service, competitive pricing, reliable advice, going the extra mile, and a smile. However, what if you could deliver a new client to your client? Most people agree that their clients would be thrilled with such an offering.

The Clients’ Clients Philosophy is summarized as follows:

  1. Your clients will be thrilled if you bring them clients.
  2. But, don’t stop there – do even more.

Implementing the Clients’ Clients Philosophy

Part 1: Bringing Clients to Your Clients

  • Start by identifying the Connector in your organization, someone who loves connecting people to other people, as described by Malcolm Gladwell in ‘The Tipping Point.’
  • Consider the 80/20 Rule and focus on the top 20% of your clients who bring about 80% of the value received by your company.
  • Understand your clients’ business and their desired ideal clients.
  • Brainstorm potential client matches with your Marketing & Sales team, contact those potential clients, and arrange introductions where win-win situations are evident.

Part 2: Doing Even More

  • Provide top-quality employees, suppliers, and advisors to your clients.
  • Ensure your business and Marketing & Sales team have a differential advantage.
  • Add value to your products and services by embracing the Clients’ Clients Philosophy.
  • Share your solutions, better practices, and ideas with clients, suppliers, and business allies.

Understanding Value Exchange in Business

Growing your business requires increasing the exchange of value between parties. It’s essential to understand how both parties define the value they seek and deliver. Most business people only scratch the surface of value exchange. Salespeople focus on the value they think they’re delivering, while purchasing people focus on the value they think they’re receiving.

The Clients’ Clients Philosophy aims to bridge this gap by encouraging ongoing curiosity about what other people value. Understanding the value exchange within companies, between companies, and between people can lead to excelling in business, interpersonal relationships, and delivering and receiving tremendous value.


Embrace the Clients’ Clients Philosophy and unlock new levels of success in your business. By understanding the value exchange and going beyond just providing excellent products and services, you can create additional value for your clients and foster long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. Don’t let being too busy stand in the way of knowing other people’s businesses and uncovering opportunities for growth.

Together our conversations can expand solutions and value

We look forward to helping you bring your ideas and solutions to life.
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