The Relationship between Attitude and Intelligence …and, the possibility of AI Attitude

Understanding Attitude

Attitude can be defined as an individual’s mental disposition toward a particular situation, object, or person. Our attitudes influence how we perceive and respond to situations, people, and events.

Consider Attitude as a component of Intelligence or, even better, recognize Attitude can be a result of Intelligence.

Several years ago, I attended a ‘Fish Philosophy’ event. The creators of the ‘Fish Philosophy’ got it right with their “Choose Your Attitude” mantra. By following this guidance, your Intelligence can influence your decisions, leading you to adopt a positive and productive Attitude. You can choose to use Attitudes that embrace positive possibilities…and, perhaps, become a “possibilitarian”.

Attitude, be it positive, negative, or neutral, is not an inherent personality trait.

Attitude is a matter of choice.

A positive, winning Attitude is a smart choice.

Can Artificial Intelligence have Attitude?

As Artificial Intelligence continues to advance, the question of whether Artificial Intelligence can possess an Attitude similar to humans arises. Artificial Intelligence systems are designed to “learn”, adapt, and respond to various inputs and situations, much like humans do with their Attitude. However, Artificial Intelligence’s “Attitude” is determined by its programming, algorithms, and the data it is exposed to, rather than personal experiences or emotions.

In this context, Artificial Intelligence’s “Attitude” may be considered a reflection of its decision-making process, influenced by the data it has been trained on and the objectives set by its developers. Artificial Intelligence systems can be designed to exhibit a positive, negative, or neutral “Attitude”, depending on the desired outcome. However, it is essential to remember that Artificial Intelligence’s “Attitude” is a by-product of its programming and does not possess the emotional depth or complexity found in human Attitude.

We can choose the “Attitude” used by Artificial Intelligence. For example, I asked ChatGPT to provide “angry” and “happy” opinions about war…here’s the result:

“Angry” Description of War: War is a devastating, senseless force that wreaks havoc on humanity, tearing families apart and leaving destruction in its wake.

“Happy” Description of War: War, though seemingly destructive, can be a force for change and renewal, sweeping away outdated systems and paving the way for new beginnings.


Understanding Intelligence as a multifaceted concept and acknowledging the role of Attitude within it can lead to a more comprehensive approach to personal development. By embracing the diverse aspects of Intelligence and recognizing the significance of Attitude as an outcome of Intelligence, we can make better choices and cultivate a winning, positive outlook on life…with greater peace of mind. Additionally, exploring the potential for Artificial Intelligence to exhibit an Attitude-like decision-making process offers intriguing possibilities for the future of AI-human interaction.

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