Applying Intuition – Using LinkedIn Connections to Hire a Production Manager

Client’s Challenging Situation:

We were providing strategic planning services to one of our clients. During our SWOT discussions, we learned that our client had entered U.S. markets and sales volumes were growing. Production was increasing to meet the needs of both Canadian and U.S. clients.

Scope of the Problem:

In addition to increased volume, the complexity of their clients’ needs was increasing. Clients wanted options (product customization). Increased production and product complexity created a need to hire an experienced person to lead production.

Our Solution:

When we learned our client was planning to hire a production manager, we offered to explore our LinkedIn contacts to see if we could find candidates. One of our LinkedIn contacts (a 1st contact) connected us to a person who, within a month, became our client’s production manager.

The Value Delivered:

Our informal LinkedIn approach to finding and hiring a senior employee saved our client time and money. The new employee is still leading our client’s production department.

Together our conversations can expand solutions and value

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