Applying Intuition – Custom-built software for a custom-built assembly line

Client’s Challenging Situation:

Our client, a manufacturer, had a specialized bottling process. They required a custom-built automated bottling assembly line. They decided to build rather than purchase a high-volume assembly line to:

  • fill bottles,
  • measure the contents of the bottles,
  • record, with a high level of accuracy, the details of the contents of each bottle,
  • apply bar code labels,
  • capture all the data for each bottle in databases for each client, and
  • deliver the data to each client.

Scope of the Problem:

The assembly line involved standard assembly line equipment, specialized equipment, precise/synchronized assembly, and customized software to ensure data capture and reporting. Our client asked us to assist with the creation of their assembly line.

Our Solution:

Our CTO worked closely with the production line team, discussing equipment selection and operation and assembly line layout. We created customized software to perform the data capture, storage, and reporting.

The Value Delivered:

The automation of this assembly line enabled our client to significantly increase its market share and gross margin while reducing its labour costs.

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