Applying Intuition – Taking an Innovative Prototype Up to Assembly Line Production Speed

Client’s Challenging Situation:

A local tech start-up built a prototype device to perform assembly line measurements. While the prototype functioned properly at slow assembly line speed, it failed as the speed of the assembly line increased toward the production speed.

Scope of the Problem:

The tech start-up’s prospective client was a major auto manufacturer. Successful operation of the prototype would solve an assembly line problem. The tech start-up’s innovative product could result in a very large contract.

Our Solution:

We were asked if we could assess the software used in the prototype to determine why failures were happening as assembly line speed increased. We assessed the “scalability problem”, recommended software changes, and performed those changes very quickly.

The Value Delivered:

For our client, the start-up, this was a sticky problem that had troubled them for months. Their credibility with the ‘big auto’ manufacturer was slipping. We fixed the software problem in a week…a very affordable solution. In addition, we provided recommendations on how to replace the prototype hardware with hardware that would perform better and reduce production costs.

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