Applying Intuition – A Northern Ontario Municipality Creates its First Municipal Energy Plan

Client’s Challenging Situation:

Representatives of a Northern Ontario municipality approached us to see if we would respond to an RFP. The government of Ontario was providing funding to support the creation of municipal energy plans…to ensure energy conservation and reduce greenhouse gases.

Scope of the Problem:

The municipality had no experience creating a municipal energy plan and its energy needs were small relative to large Ontario municipalities. Its energy infrastructure was situated in remote territory.

Our Solution:

We decided we would go the extra mile to assist a small, remote, municipality and ensure it received full attention. We created an incredibly unique proposal that included face-to-face meetings with not just the municipality’s energy & environment people, but also with interested people from the community. We made many, very memorable visits to the municipality throughout the development of the municipal energy plan.

The Value Delivered:

The Northern Ontario municipality received a high-quality energy plan that stood up well when compared with the plans created for large municipalities. The plan led to controlled energy expenditures and greenhouse gas reductions.

Together our conversations can expand solutions and value

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