Applying Intuition – We built eCRMine©, our customized CRM tool

Client’s Challenging Situation:

The stakeholders of our predecessor company, Spirited Investors Corporation, wanted a user-friendly repository to contain and report on details of successful and influential people in our community. The database needed to include summaries of leaders’/influencers’ business initiatives and their community relationships. The tool could be summarized as a custom-tailored combination of LinkedIn, Wikipedia, and IMDb.

Scope of the Problem:

The database would include hundreds of people, hundreds of companies, hundreds of associations and not-for-profit organizations, and thousands of relationships.

Our Solution:

Our CTO created and built eCRMine©:

  • e” for electronic,
  • “CRM” for customer relationship management tool, and
  • “Mine” for gold mine of information.

The Value Delivered:

eCRMine© was a comprehensive tool, an enterprise portal, that allowed us to organize and put to good use all the important information Spirited Investors Corporation needed for its investment and business operations.

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