Applying Intuition – A Virus Encrypted a Friend’s Accounting Data

Client’s Challenging Situation:

We received a message confirming that a virus had somehow arrived in a friend’s business operating software and encrypted several months of accounting data. With historic data encrypted and inaccessible, our friend was unable to complete normal accounting activity.

Scope of the Problem:

Before the virus could be stopped, it had spread over a few days, encrypting accounting data. When our friend informed us about the problem, access to several months of accounting data had been lost. Hundreds of hours of manual data entry would be required to replicate the “lost” data.

Our Solution:

We informed our friend/client that it might be possible to de-encrypt the “lost” data. Our client was thrilled to learn this solution was possible. We successfully backward engineered the client’s software to remove the encryption…it took a few days to ‘de-encrypt’ the data.

The Value Delivered:

Our client did not have to spend hundreds of hours performing manual data entry. Our client did not have to struggle to perform normal operations with inaccessible encrypted data. [Peace of mind!]

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