Applying Intuition – A Road Accident Disconnected Division Offices from Head Office

Client’s Challenging Situation:

A driver of a large vehicle caused an accident that knocked down a hydro pole, taking down internet service. It took 3 days for the internet service to be restored.

Scope of the Problem:

This family business had its servers centralized at its head office. All divisions used the internet to connect with head office. When the internet service at head office was disconnected by the road accident, all divisions were disconnected from head office. For three days, the people at head office and at all divisions had to perform operations manually. The scope of the problem included tens of thousands of transactions.

Our Solution:

We provided colocation services, enabling the divisions and head office to connect directly to our data centre. Since this systems/network decentralization was made, internet outages at head office no longer impact on the company’s divisions.

The Value Delivered:

In addition to colocation, we put full daily backup in place [two separate locations]. This client’s IT systems have operated flawlessly since these changes were implemented.

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