Applying Intuition – An Untimely Retirement Creates a Company-wide Problem

Client’s Challenging Situation:

A long-term employee suddenly retired. The person had been responsible for leading IT enhancements, automating the processing of information, and the generation of reports. This employee held all the IT expertise related to the company’s handling of its operating data.

Scope of the Problem:

Over two decades, the employee had moved all the operating data into a Microsoft ACCESS platform. The data covered all areas of the business from payroll to equipment maintenance. The ACCESS platform was cumbersome, and the company could not find anyone willing to replace the retired employee and work with the existing IT tools. The company, a family business, approached us to see if we could help.

Our Solution:

We recommended replacing the ACCESS platform with a custom-tailored C# .NET enterprise portal.

The Value Delivered:

The client needed the portal completed within 3 months, to align with its annual business cycle. Our CTO led the software project and completed it by the client’s 3-month deadline. Now, 10 years have passed, and the client expanded its enterprise portal to include numerous new features. This family business has doubled in size and grown its market share significantly.

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