The Short-lived Comfort of Avoiding Complexity

For short periods of time, you can be comfortable while avoiding complexity.

Here’s how that works –

Yes, you are busy and you want to do things as quickly and easily as possible. Speed, ease, and simplicity align with your busy life…I mean, your too-busy life. You know this is true, you feel and believe you are too-busy.

Being too busy, you avoid complexity at every opportunity:

  • rarely digging into details, 
  • rarely building and testing new and better processes and procedures, and
  • regularly limiting your involvement with detailed training and education.

You minimize the time you spend on planning, including planning to handle future complexity.

Unfortunately, avoiding complexity is bucking the way the business world is trending. 

Complexity is increasing all around you and your workplace –

  • data is increasing…rapidly expanding the breadth, depth, and detail of information,
  • monitoring and measuring is entering a new era of sophistication, with arrays of remote connections, all pulsing in real-time…shortening the ‘information cycle’ and exponentially expanding the volume of information to be analyzed, and
  • connectivity is expanding…the advancing world is deep into Big Data and the Internet of Things, allowing tech-smart businesses to innovate, create and deliver ‘ever-smarter’ products and services.

You see example after example of quick-and-easy user interfaces built on the shoulders of complex networks of tech-advancements. For example – just look at the sophistication of your ‘smart phone’.

If you are tying to avoid complexity then the trend of tech-advancement is working against you and your business.

It is time to consider a new approach.

Accept the realities of business complexity. Understand these complexities demand your best thinking. Consider the value of building tech-smart thinking throughout your business. Help your people embrace the tech-advancements now at their fingertips. Show your people a vision of their tech-advanced future, a better and more-sustainable future laced with tech-smartness:

  • embed tech-smartness in your people’s minds,
  • embed tech-smartness in your business culture, products, and services, and
  • let your customers enjoy user experiences.

Customized software brings business success

Your customized software solutions remove detailed-and-boring work from your employees’ lives. Bring tech-advancement to your business – ensure your people have the opportunity to enjoy more-fulfilling work experiences.

Your customized software solutions bring interesting and user-friendly experiences to your customers. Backed by intelligent planning, your user-friendly software solutions reduce complexity for both your people and your customers. This generates all-around loyalty and annual revenue annuities.

“2 Keys: to reducing complexity confusion and growing loyalty and revenue

  1. Take a focused strategic look at the tool you use to interact with your employees and your customers. Think about the complexity they are dealing with and replace complexity with user-friendly handling of data.
  2. Use customized software solutions to improve data user experiences. Following proven software design/build/deliver processes to create exactly what your employees and customers need to succeed in their roles.

Please contact us if you want to learn more about those “2 Keys”.

Together our conversations can expand solutions and value

We look forward to helping you bring your ideas and solutions to life.
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