Physics & the Mind: from Negative to Positive Mindsets

In physics, the understanding of electric current underwent a significant shift when it was discovered that electrons actually flow from the negative to the positive, contrary to the initial belief of a positive-to-negative flow. This parallels an important psychological journey from negative to positive thinking.

Just as electrons in excess at the negative side must move towards the positive, individuals who find themselves overwhelmed with negative thoughts and feelings must move their thoughts toward the positive. The transition to positivity resembles the electrons’ journey – a natural shift from a mindset overflowing with negativity to a more balanced, positive one. This process requires active mental engagement and development of new habits. It’s not merely about avoiding negativity but desiring and consciously guiding thoughts and actions to a positive mental state. This shift, much like the corrected view of electron flow, leads to a deeper, more accurate understanding of oneself and more productive mindsets.

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  1. In this seemingly divisive and troubled world, and the human tendency to notice only the one negative thing in the plethora of positive things, this blog points to solutions. Retraining the mind. Insisting on its perceptions being more balanced. Challenging beliefs, questioning personal motives in our daily work and activities. Being persistent with self-development and yet more self-accepting of ourselves. These move us to positivity which can flavour all our human interactions.

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