Applying Intuition – When You Talk About Their Talents & Strengths You Energize People

Client’s Challenging Situation:

A successful SME wanted to take a fresh approach to a major strategic planning initiative.

Scope of the Problem:

Strategic planning becomes a stale process if you don’t inject innovative ideas and processes from time to time. If you involve the same people year after year then it can become increasingly difficult to generate innovative ideas. We see this often when people discuss the standard aspect of strategic planning: Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals. Bottom line: often, strategic planning sessions are treated like “necessary evils” and the results of the sessions illustrate that mindset. When plans are not embraced with enthusiasm, they fail to achieve the desired results.

Our Solution:

When we started using Gallup’s StrengthsFinder assessment, we found people were energized about their “talent theme” results…upbeat, positive, more talkative about themselves, and open to sharing stories. About 15 years ago, when we provided strategic planning consulting services we began the services with StrengthsFinder assessments for leadership teams.

The Value Delivered:

The successful SME in this story, agreed to start their strategic planning session with a Talents & Strengths workshop. Everyone on the leadership team were open to trying this approach. They were pleased to be able to name their talents and were enthusiastic about building and using their performance strengths. The CEO was super-energized. He embraced strengths-based leadership and development. He bought signage to decorate offices, displaying everyone’s “Top 5 Talent Themes”. Everyone who entered this company’s offices knew they were dealing with people who were energized by their understanding of their talents and strengths.

Together our conversations can expand solutions and value

We look forward to helping you bring your ideas and solutions to life.
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