Applying Intuition – People Deliver Their Best Performances When They Rally Around a Cause

Client’s Challenging Situation:

Three years ago, a local software-service company defaulted on obligations to serve the needs of residents in our community. A colleague contacted us to see if we could pick up the pieces and resurrect the services in very short order…within a month.

Scope of the Problem:

The problem affected over 30,000 people in our community.

Our Solution:

We bought software and hardware assets from the owners of the failed company. We approached our people with a challenge. We need to remedy the corporate failure in one month. To do this, we need to coordinate the installation of hardware and the repair and restoration of software. We needed to get the product back in operation as soon as possible…in one month, if possible.

Every one of our people stepped up to prove what can be accomplished when a team of committed people put their minds to it. By the end of one month, after an amazing team effort, we restored service to over 80% of the affected people.

The Value Delivered:

When we share all the details, the outcome was bittersweet. Let’s ignore the bitter side and focus on the sweet. The sweet part is – people truly can deliver amazing performances when they rally around a cause with team enthusiasm and an intense desire to illustrate what can be done.

Together our conversations can expand solutions and value

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