Applying Intuition – Systematizing & Automating Energy Management Processes and Growing

Client’s Challenging Situation:

One of our software clients, in the energy sector, was losing money providing core energy management services. Core energy management services included:

  • creating energy conservation & environment impact reporting [on greenhouse gases],
  • creating energy audit reports, and
  • performing energy engineering calculations for energy equipment upgrade projects.

Scope of the Problem:

Energy management services accounted for over 50% of our client’s revenue. Performance of back-office support work for energy management services was labour intensive and not systematized.

Our Solution:

We systematized and standardized all energy management support work and automated the work processes that could be automated with minimal cost. We reviewed and simplified engineering calculations for MUSH group energy audits.

The Value Delivered:

With systematized and standardized support processes, work was completed quicker. This allowed our client to take on new projects. We generated increased cashflow and profit within 90 days, enabling our client to pay off its line of credit and enjoy a profitable year. In addition, the review of engineering calculations improved the accuracy of audit calculations and greenhouse gas reporting.

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