Applying Intuition – Sometimes friends’ laptops get hacked

Client’s Challenging Situation:

One of our family-business friends called us. She was distressed because her laptop had been invaded and taken over by an attacker.

Scope of the Problem:

The laptop screen was “taken over” and it displayed a threatening message. This was the first time our friend had experienced a cyber-attack. Since she used the laptop to perform accounting work for her family business, she was very distressed. She turned off the laptop. Knowing we did “IT/tech work”, she called us to ask for our advice.

Our Solution:

We asked her if she could drop off the laptop at our office. She did that immediately. We talked with her when she visited. We assured her that we would assess the situation. Knowing our friend was very distressed, we immediately assessed the situation and removed the problem. [It was not a major problem.] We visited her office to return the laptop…same day. We offered suggestions on how to avoid the problem in the future.

The Value Delivered:

Our friend decided to explore our IT Systems services. Soon, our friend’s family business became our client. We have served her company for a few years now. [Since that first problem, there have been no “cyber incidents”.]

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