Applying Intuition – A family-business completes a complicated engineering project

Client’s Challenging Situation:

Our client was selected to perform an engineering assessment of a 30,000 HP pumping system for supply of fresh water to a municipality. The water supply system was comprehensive, involving storage reservoirs and many kilometres of piping.

Scope of the Problem:

To complete the project, the condition and performance of the existing supply pumps needed to be assessed. This involved our client needing to design and build customized electricity meters and collect operating data. One of the most significant challenges was determining the remaining useful life for each pump, considering repair and replacement costs and timelines.

Our Solution:

We helped our client:

  • design the electricity meters,
  • analyse the electricity data, and
  • perform the engineering calculations required to complete the feasibility study.

As project lead, we helped our client provide a thorough engineering study and a plan that allowed the municipality to be proactive and budget for replacement of the large water-supply pumps.

The Value Delivered:

When we created the final engineering report, we packaged it in a way that illustrated both engineering technical expertise and an appreciation of the fact that some of the people who would read the report would not be engineering experts. We ensured the report was both “readable” and backed up by fully engineered details. We used clear and simple pictures and illustrations and provided references to support all engineering assumptions, calculations, and opinions. We delivered the report on time.

Our client’s client, the municipality, was extremely pleased with the report.

Together our conversations can expand solutions and value

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