Applying Intuition – Real-time Communication…When Dealing with Precious Packages

Client’s Challenging Situation:

Our client wanted a customized web app that would allow its clients to understand whether pickup and delivery of precious packages were on time and successfully completed. Our client’s clients wanted an app that would allow them to ask questions and receive and provide feedback. As the volume of transactions grew, telephone, email, and text message communications were failing to meet our client’s clients’ real-time needs for information.

Scope of the Problem:

Our client’s clients were concerned about the security of the packages. They wanted real-time information. The situation involved a high volume of:

  • clients,
  • packages, and
  • pick-up and delivery locations.

Our Solution:

We created a customized web app to allow our client and our client’s clients to communicate and exchange information in real-time.

The Value Delivered:

Our web app solution enabled our client to satisfy its clients’ information needs. The key area of value was peace of mind, knowing the whereabouts of precious packages.

Together our conversations can expand solutions and value

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