Applying Intuition – Companies That Thrive for 100 Years are Discerning

Client’s Challenging Situation:

Companies that thrive and survive in business of more than 100 years are special. They bring legacies of success and they have special relationships with their people, their clients, and their suppliers. They know the importance of good processes and confident decisions. 100-year-old companies are iconic.

Scope of the Problem:

This success story is not about a problem. It is about having specific needs tied to specific thoughts and goals. Representatives of a discerning, 100-year-old Canadian company approached us to see if we could provide them private data centre space to house their [co-located] equipment. They wanted specific services to fit their IT-infrastructure plans. They wanted a secure environment with people they could trust.

Our Solution:

While we cannot divulge any confidential information, we can confirm that our private data centre and our tech people have satisfied the needs of people who work at an iconic >100-year-old Canadian company.

The Value Delivered:

Peace of mind has always been important. Knowing your data is housed in a private place rather than a public cloud that is accessible to other businesses provides peace of mind. Knowing and trusting the people who you deal with brings peace of mind.

Together our conversations can expand solutions and value

We look forward to helping you bring your ideas and solutions to life.
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