Applying Intuition – Big Software Projects Appreciate Help Near Their Completion Deadline

Client’s Challenging Situation:

We know large organizations that take pride in fulfilling their commitments to clients and meeting project deadlines. Software departments in large organizations also take pride in fulfilling their obligations to their colleagues and meeting project deadlines. We have proof of this.

Scope of the Problem:

Last year the software department in a large company was nearing the completion deadline for a massive software project that affected the entire organization. While software projects are often not completed on time, the leader of this software department would have none of that. The leader was committed to finishing on time. In addition, the software leader had three small projects and the same desire to complete them on time. The leader contacted us to see if we had the skills and the time to assist with the small [but still important] projects.

Our Solution:

Our CTO took personal responsibility for helping the software leader complete the small projects. Our CTO performed the coding.

The Value Delivered:

When people meet deadlines, they gain credibility. When people complete projects on time, everyone appreciates that outcome. It proves leaders of software departments and projects can be counted on to deliver quality software on time. I spoke with the leader following project completion to see how the “software launch” unfolded. As I anticipated, with such thorough and skilled leadership, the project launch was a complete success.

Together our conversations can expand solutions and value

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