Applying Intuition – Addressing Cyber Security Issues with a Sense of Urgency

Client’s Challenging Situation:

A software client sent a note to us at 9:00PM on a summer evening. The note described a strange occurrence that could have been a symptom of a cyber breach.

Scope of the Problem:

The problem affected an online app that served many people. The problem had nothing to do with the app software. It was a problem tied to the big cloud environment where third parties had placed the software. We could not connect with our client to discuss the problem. We viewed the problem as a potential cyber breach.

Our Solution:

We take potential cyber breaches very seriously. I contacted our CTO immediately. While we did not manage the big cloud environment that housed the software, we did have access to it. Unable to connect with our client, we made a judgement call. Our CTO investigated the big cloud environment and made a change to the big cloud environment setup to remove the possibility of future breaches. The adjustment was completed by 11:00PM.

The Value Delivered:

We sent a note to our client to confirm we had made an adjustment that would ensure no breaches could occur. Our client was pleased to know the big cloud environment was secure…peace of mind.

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