When Lightning Struck…

When lightning struck and our ancient ancestors first saw fire, they observed destruction and danger. Like all the other animals, they experienced great panic. The best of our ancient ancestors fled the fires and survived. As time passed, after many fires and much destruction, some of our ancient ancestors overcame their fears and became more thoughtful. They realized fire brought both danger and warmth. With fears tempered by new thinking, they became more adventuresome and they approached fire.

Somehow, with rudimentary knowledge of fire and new ideas, our ancient ancestors became innovative. They discovered the energy of fire could be harnessed and put to productive use. The energy of fire could be controlled and used to ward off predators and provide warmth and comfort. Our ancient ancestors became stewards of fire…stewards of energy.

Our ancient ancestors not only discovered the value of energy but also mastered the art of energy stewardship. They learned to keep flames and embers alive, nurturing their fires with skill and care. This ensured their fires were maintained, marking a significant leap in human innovation and survival. This practice of preserving and managing fire was an early, pivotal form of energy management, demonstrating leadership and foresight.

In the same spirit, we must now rise to the challenge of modern energy stewardship. This involves harnessing renewable sources. It’s about innovating in the ways we use and conserve energy, ensuring that our technologies and lifestyles do not harm the planet but instead contribute to its health and vitality.

Our ancient ancestors gave us the foundation of stewardship. It’s our responsibility to rebuild that foundation and pass it forward.

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