Resistance to Change – Unmasking the DENTAL Dilemma


Doubt – Ego – Negativity – Time – Ambivalence – Laziness

The Hidden Forces That Make Change Feel Like Pulling Teeth

D is for Doubt. When you boil it down, Doubt is the absence of confidence, casting a veil over everything. Doubt seeks the solace of familiar territory, resisting any potential change that disrupts its comfort zone. Change becomes the formidable adversary of Doubt, ceaselessly striving to extract it from its safe havens and thrust it into uncharted and intimidating realms. Regardless of whether it manifests visibly or not, Doubt remains steadfast in its resistance to change.

E is for Ego, an excess of self-importance. At times, Ego bears resemblance to Doubt, lurking in silence and invisibility. On other occasions, Ego assumes a boisterous and diverting demeanour, demanding unwarranted attention. Excessive Ego cunningly operates from behind the scenes, often blindsiding us. Unless we take deliberate action to keep it in check, our own Ego can lead us astray.

N is for Negativity, a close companion of Doubt. While Negativity too stems from fear, it may not always exhibit the same overt apprehension as Doubt. Negativity can take the form of cynicism, aggression, or even hostility. It often justifies itself with statements like “I don’t want to be a Devil’s Advocate…but.”

T is for Time, or rather, the perception of inadequate time. “I don’t have time!”: When those three words are uttered in a sentence, one encounters deep-rooted resistance to change. Many individuals genuinely believe they are strapped for time, a consequence of busy lives and overwhelming responsibilities. Some individuals even accept this belief as a justification for maintaining the status quo.

A is for Ambivalence, a state of conflicting thoughts. It can be described as “that may be a good idea, but we attempted something similar in the past, and it didn’t work…so…I just don’t know.” Ambivalence perpetuates a cycle of unresolved conflicts, preventing any meaningful resolution or change from taking place.

L is for Laziness, a trait inherent in us all. While many of us actively resist its influence, considering it a weakness to be countered, some individuals embrace Laziness as an integral aspect of their professional lives, deeming it a necessary component of their daily routines.

Yes – CHANGE…it can indeed feel like pulling teeth!

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