Physics & the Mind – Ohm, Potential, and Business Performance

Ohm’s Law states, V=IR, where ‘V’ represents voltage or potential difference, ‘I’ denotes current or rate of flow of charges, and ‘R’ signifies resistance.

In business: The impetus comparable to Voltage is the overarching vision and potential of the company;  the Current is the work performed as strategies are implemented; and the Resistance is the obstacles and challenges the business encounters, including problems with employees’ work performance.

Like electric current diminishing when resistance increases while voltage [potential] remains constant, in business, the actions to achieve potential goals shrinks as people resist changes or best practices. In business, radical policy or process changes and unrealistic goals and expectations can cause spikes in employee’s performance resistance. When that happens, performance drops and goals are not achieved.

Successful companies overcome the challenges of employee resistance by maintaining long-term vision and values, setting well-considered goals, and executing work with evidence-based agility.

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