Physics & the Mind: Motivation and Action

Personal motivation serves as the catalyst to overcome the inertia of stalled thinking, akin to Newton’s First Law of Motion, which states that an object at rest will stay at rest unless acted upon by an external force. This law mirrors the challenge of shifting from a state of mental stagnation to one of active problem-solving.

Just as a physical object requires an external force to change its state, our minds often need a spark of inspiration or a shift in perspective to break free from the inertia of unproductive thought patterns. The act of initiating this mental motion is crucial, for once we begin, the momentum of our thoughts can propel us forward, leading to continuous and progressive actions. Therefore, personal motivation is not just about taking the first step, but about applying the necessary force to transition from stillness to the dynamic process of generating and implementing ideas.

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  1. Sometimes we can be on hamster wheels, unconsciously allowing the same thoughts and resultant feelings to go around and around and around in our minds. Not realizing that we are keeping ourselves in our own self- sustaining prison. To be able to be your own witness to this, to be able to step back and honestly assess the sate of our affairs and SEE that picture, is imperative. Otherwise we can get lost in thinking we need to add more thoughts, more efforts when in fact they are just more of the same. The hamster wheel still spins. Maybe it’s something as simple as just getting off, staying in the present moment and responding to life from a fresh perspective.

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