It Takes 10 Years to Develop These 3 “Stage 1” Software Skills

From conversations with Jim…

The 3 Skills

  1. Creating Code that Solves the Problem
  2. Optimizing the Code
  3. Software Project Planning

Creating Code that Solves the Problem

  • Making the code work for more detailed users
  • Anticipating what could go wrong
  • Anticipating surprises and edge uses

Optimizing the Code

  • Making the code efficient
  • Ensuring compilation
  • Knowing algorithm analysis
  • Converting code to equations…lots of math

Software Project Planning

  • Planning the work then working the plan
  • Optimizing plans – high-level, applies to everything
  • Organizing
  • Standardizing
  • Creating iterations of the plan, revising it many times

With sufficient intelligence and hard work these steps can be completed in less than 10 years.

To be continued…. covering Stage 2 and Stage 3 software skills

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