If AI had a body…what would it look like?

So often AI is portrayed either as a surreal robot or as a surreal circuit boardish thing.

For example, Bing created these images when I typed “AI” and pressed the create button.

Those AI images caused me to wonder how ChatGPT would respond if I asked it a question…

…here’s how that went.

Me: ChatGPT, if you had a body what would it look like?

ChatGPT: As an artificial intelligence language model, I don’t have a physical body, so I don’t have a particular appearance. However, if I were to imagine having a body, it would depend on the purpose and function of that body.

If I were to have a humanoid body, my appearance would be highly customizable, and I could change my appearance based on personal preferences. I could have various features such as different hair, eye color, height, weight, and other physical characteristics.

Alternatively, if I had a specialized body built for a particular task or function, my appearance would be designed to optimize my performance in that particular task. For example, if I were designed to work underwater, my body might resemble that of a dolphin or a shark, with streamlined shape and fins for swimming efficiently.

Me: I mean that’s the end of ChatGPT’s answer so the following is my thought.

Interesting to think of ChatGPT “thinking” AI could look like a dolphin or a shark.

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