From I’m Too Busy to I’m Fully Productive

It is silly to waste time complaining about not having enough time!

We all have the same amount of time. We know the past is gone. We know we have the present. We only hope we have the future. Time is our most-precious commodity. We cannot afford to waste any of it complaining about not having enough of it.

Only a silly person would waste time talking about not having enough time. I mean – you wouldn’t throw away perfectly good food while complaining about being hungry, would you?

Disorganized people tend to complain about being overworked!

The time – this very moment – is perfectly good time. Organized people get work done; disorganized people get work repeated.

Disorganization => more errors => more fixing of errors => repeated work.

And, of course, disorganization consumes time and generates stresses and anxieties. Have you noticed – Disorganized people are the ones who complain most about being overworked!

Don’t let situations trump your best intentions!

Don’t let yourself get so busy you let situations catch you unprepared.

Anticipate situations, plan ahead.

So many people think they are ‘too busy’ when the reality is they are ‘too unprepared.’ They live business lives burned by a repeated series of fire-fights. Many of the fire-fights are directly linked to specific individuals’ behaviour. And, habits being what they are, to a very large degree, behaviour is predictable.

Think of a probable situation. Think of who will be in the situation. Think of how the people in the situation will act. Plan your best actions before the fires start to burn.

Be too busy to complain or watch reality TV!

How is it people who are ‘too busy’ find time to share their problems with others and watch all that reality TV?

When two pet peeves collide:

  1. Human beings ain’t too busy – they just brainwash themselves that way.
  2. Reality TV just ain’t – at least it ain’t the sort of reality that creates value.

By shifting our mindset from “I’m too busy” to “I’m fully productive,” we can make the most of our time and enjoy more fulfilling lives.

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