Don’t Stop… when you are 3 feet from Gold

The Problem

Today, leaders of small to mid-size businesses are facing too many challenging problems. Often, these challenging problems are tied to keeping up with changes in technologies.

Examples of problems that often have “technology roots”:

  • inability to fully serve existing clients,
  • inability to inspire, motivate, and retain staffing,
  • inability to obtain real-time data about business performance metrics,
  • inability to automate equipment and processes, and
  • inability to satisfy supplier needs, including risk-management needs.

As a result of these and other problems many leaders of small to mid-size businesses are frustrated, stalled, and in some cases nearly burned out.

One Approach to Solving those Problems – Seek Expert Advice

Napoleon Hill, my favourite self-help author, presented a profound concept he referred to as “Don’t quit when you are three feet from gold”. This thought-provoking principle comes from his book “Think and Grow Rich,” a text that delivers practical [and implementable] advice for achieving success.

The “Don’t quit when you are three feet from gold” principle is based on a story about a miner during the mid-1800’s Gold Rush. After investing considerable time and effort without finding gold, the miner became disheartened and sold his mining equipment. The person who bought the equipment sought advice from a mining expert, who calculated that the original miner had stopped digging just three feet away from a massive vein of gold. With this new knowledge, the new owner managed to uncover the gold and made a huge fortune.

This story underlines the importance of perseverance and resolve when working towards a goal.

Hill’s principle suggests that people often abandon their goals prematurely when confronted with major challenges or when immediate results are lacking. People who “quit” might be on the verge of success without realizing it, which is why it’s crucial to persist, especially during difficult times.

The story also promotes the idea of seeking advice or learning more about one’s pursuits, as the second miner did. Acquiring additional knowledge can often be the deciding factor between success and failure. Hill’s teachings therefore encourage us to stay committed, keep striving, and always remain open to learning. After all, we could be closer to achieving our goals than we think, just like the miner who was “three feet from gold.”

I believe Napoleon Hill was the first person to write, “WINNERS NEVER QUIT AND QUITTERS NEVER WIN”. If not, I expect he must have been the first person who recommended writing that [affirmation] in large letters and placing it where you will see it every day.

Together our conversations can expand solutions and value

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