Collaboration: Unlocking the Strength in Weak Interpersonal Ties

The Problem: Untapped Potential in Existing Relationships

Despite significant time and effort invested in expanding business networks, there’s often a neglect of the latent value residing in existing relationships. This oversight represents a missed opportunity in harnessing the full potential of already established connections.

Considering the Problem: The Neglected Power of Weak Ties

Reflect on your business relationships and consider the Pareto Principle, commonly known as the 80/20 Rule. It suggests that approximately 80% of the value you derive from your business relationships comes from just 20% of your connections. This principle is evident in platforms like LinkedIn, where your network is categorized into 1st-level, 2nd-level, and 3rd-level contacts.

Your 1st-level contacts on LinkedIn include many of your strongest business relationships, but within this group, there’s a diverse range of connections. This includes individuals you barely know or seldom communicate with – these are your “weak links,” with whom you share “weak ties.” While LinkedIn is a pivotal tool for cultivating business relationships, it’s just one of many avenues like in-person meetings, phone calls, virtual meetings, emails, and a wide range of social media platforms.

Now, imagine the potential if you could enhance the quality and strength of some of these weak LinkedIn relationships, not to mention the value you could unlock in your other weak connections. Below, we introduce how you can unlock the hidden strength in your weak ties.

Your strongest business relationships often reside within your immediate network, where we share similar experiences and information. However, it’s the weak ties – those casual, less frequent connections – that hold untapped value. These weak ties can become bridges to new perspectives, diverse information, and new opportunities.

The Solution: Unlocking the Neglected Power of Weak Ties

Transforming Weak Ties into Valuable Connections

In business, weak ties can be transformed to deliver strong, strategic, and operating value. What are now viewed as time-wasting interactions with business acquaintances can be transformed into value-adding collaborations that bring sustained business growth.

3 Strategies to Strengthen Weak Ties

  1. Be Creative and Seek Customized Platforms: Obtain the value created by knowing the details of your business connections’ aspirations and intentions.
  2. Be Intentional on Platforms like LinkedIn: Regularly engage and deliver valuable information to your 1st-level contacts, even those you seldom interact with.
  3. Share Your Thoughts & Leadership: Contribute thought leadership at industry events, allowing your connections to experience the value they will receive by strengthening their ties with you.

The Transformative Impact of Understanding Aspirations in Strengthening Ties

In business relationships, the threads that often go unnoticed — the weak ties — hold immense potential. The key to unlocking this potential lies in a deeper understanding of the aspirations and goals of those we are connected to, however tangentially. Knowing what drives our acquaintances, what challenges they face, and what they aspire to achieve is the first step in transforming weak ties into strong, mutually beneficial alliances.

Consider the value that comes from such strengthened ties:

  • Filling Technical Expertise Gaps: By understanding the technical aspirations of a contact, you might discover an opportunity to fill a gap in technical expertise. This can lead to collaborations that not only address immediate needs but also create long-term tech innovation.
  • Enhancing Marketing and Financial Capabilities: Learning about a connection’s marketing goals can open doors to shared strategies and co-marketing opportunities, amplifying the reach and impact of campaigns. Similarly, understanding their financial objectives can lead to partnerships that strengthen both parties’ financial capabilities, such as joint ventures or shared investment opportunities.
  • Uncovering Innovative Solutions: Being aware of the challenges others face allows for the cross-pollination of ideas, leading to innovative solutions to complex problems. This could range from collaborative product development to shared insights that reshape operational strategies.
  • Building a Supportive Community: Beyond individual gains, nurturing weak ties contributes to building a supportive business community. This community becomes a resource pool of diverse skills, perspectives, and experiences, beneficial to all members.


In summary, the weak ties in your professional network are hidden gems, waiting to be discovered and polished. By taking the time to understand the people behind these connections, their aspirations, and their goals, you create a foundation for relationships that are not only stronger but also more rewarding. These strengthened ties not only bring individual benefits but contribute to a richer, more collaborative business ecosystem.

So, as you plan communications improvements within your network, remember: every weak tie holds a story, an aspiration, and an opportunity waiting to be unlocked.

Together our conversations can expand solutions and value

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