Augmented Reality & the Metaverse …what are they & how do they interplay?

What does “Augmented Reality” mean?

Augmented Reality is like adding a layer of digital things on top of what you see in the real world. You can use your phone or other device to see digital images, sounds, or other things that look like they are part of the physical world around you.

What does “Metaverse” mean?

The metaverse is like a big video game or virtual world where you can do things like play games, shop, and socialize. It’s a place where you can interact with other people and digital objects as if you were in the same physical space.

There is no single Metaverse. Many “virtual world” apps that people refer to as Metaverses.

How does Augmented Reality tie in with a Metaverse?

Augmented Reality can be used to make this experience even more real by allowing you to interact with digital objects in the real world, or by overlaying digital elements onto what you see in real life. This can help create a more seamless transition between the real and virtual worlds, making your metaverse experience even more impressive.

How are people using Augmented Reality & a Metaverse?

There are several types of Augmented Reality devices that can be linked to a metaverse. These devices can enhance the user’s experience by overlaying digital information on the real world.

Some examples include:

  1. Phones and tablets: Some of these devices can show digital things on the real world, and you can use special apps to go to a metaverse.
  2. Glasses: These special glasses can make you feel like you are inside the digital world, so they allow you to go to a metaverse.
  3. Virtual Reality headsets: These are special helmets that can make you feel like you are inside a computer world. Some of them can also show digital things on the real world.
  4. Wearables: These are things you can wear, like smartwatches. Some of them can also show digital things on the real world, but they do not provide as good metaverse experiences.

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