As we look ahead to 2024…

  1. Enhance Communication and Understanding:
    • Increase time spent with positive, energetic people; decrease time with complainers.
    • Focus on delivering value that is genuinely desired by others.
    • Engage in active listening and ask insightful questions.
    • Ensure clarity in communication and understand others’ intent.
  2. Personal Growth and Attitude:
    • Be proactive and positive; avoid negative self-talk like “I’m too busy”.
    • Embrace self-improvement through introspection and personal growth.
    • Maintain a positive state of mind and observe negativity without participating.
    • Choose your attitude and share personal and business philosophies.
    • Test actions for balance between immediate gratification and long-term goals.
  3. Relationship Building and Social Skills:
    • Build relationships through giving and asking for favours.
    • Be considerate in responses and show appreciation for others’ engagement.
    • Develop and demonstrate communication strengths…authentically.
  4. Strategic Thinking and Planning:
    • Anticipate difficult situations and plan appropriate responses.
    • Make clear distinctions between your and others’ wants and needs.
    • Find root causes of problems and opportunities.
    • Apply believability-weighted decision-making principles.
  5. Self-Regulation and Control:
    • Continuously improve self-monitoring, self-regulation, and self-control.
    • Be open-minded and encourage others to explore possibilities.
    • Keep ego in check and be more considerate of others’ egos.
  6. Learning and Knowledge Sharing:
    • Write and speak concisely and effectively.
    • Focus on learning by reading less and observing more.
    • Share stories to convey your purpose, vision, and values.
  7. Leadership and Integrity:
    • Embody the qualities of a role model, leader, and mentor.
    • Show integrity in aligning purpose, vision, thoughts, and actions.
    • Be honest about your limitations and collaborate with others.
  8. Adaptability and Resilience:
    • Embrace differences in people and the challenges brought by situations.
    • Recognize that meaningful accomplishments come with difficulty.
    • Be aware of and adaptable to both agreement and disagreement.
  9. Continuous Learning and Improvement:
    • Evaluate yourself against the “Big 5” personality traits and work to improve.
    • Take small, planned steps for improvement.
    • Set realistic expectations for others and assist them as they grow.
  10. Judgment and Decision Making:
    • Share your judgments sparingly…when essential.
    • Admit and learn from mistakes; this is key to integrity.
    • Always seek the next best action when in doubt.
    • Continuously refine and improve decision-making processes.

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