Applying Intuition – Some software outlasts the careers of the people who built it!

Client’s Challenging Situation:

Over thirty years ago, one of our clients invested in a customized software enterprise resource planning [ERP] tool. About 5 years ago, the person who led the building of the ERP retired, taking with him much of the software knowledge embedded in the tool.

Scope of the Problem:

The client contacted us to see if we could fix problems tied to the old ERP software and help make changes to enable upgrades of 3rd party software that linked to the old ERP. As is quite often the situation, the old ERP software contained no logging or documentation. So, fixing bugs and upgrading is more daunting than rebuilding the ERP. Also, as is often the case, the owners of the software did not want to pay for a new enterprise portal to replace the old ERP.

Our Solution:

Being curious and up to the challenges that old software platforms always bring, our CTO decided to do what he could to create custom coding to solve the client’s problem.

The Value Delivered:

The solutions worked. For a reasonable fee, we fixed the old ERP problems. During the last few years, we have performed small projects, fitting them in when time allows. The client has not had to perform an expensive ERP replacement. I am amazed that the “core” of the old ERP was so well designed that it has functioned well for so many decades. Yes, we will get another call to perform more work…but the old ERP is still working as I write this story.

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