Applying Intuition – Helping Clients Take Desk Applications to Clouds

Client’s Challenging Situation:

A family business client wanted us to oversee [be the project manager for] the upgrading of their project management software when its supplier was terminating desktop services and required its clients to move the services to the cloud.

Scope of the Problem:

Our client had four IT Systems initiatives in progress, so the timing was not good for an “upgrade” that impacted over 10 staff members.

Our Solution:

We contacted the software supplier well in advance of the upgrade deadline. [When 3rd party desktop apps are to be discontinued their suppliers typically provide at least several months notice before they terminate their desktop services.] We confirmed service arrangements and costs. We helped our clients’ people transition from their desktop application to their cloud application. The transition went smoothly.

The Value Delivered:

Often IT/tech/Software changes are disruptive. When IT/tech/Software projects are happening at the same time it can be difficult to coordinate all the activity. And, sometimes, there are communication disconnects between business people and IT/tech/Software people. We removed that potential problem. Our client had peace of mind, knowing they had selected the best service option.

Together our conversations can expand solutions and value

We look forward to helping you bring your ideas and solutions to life.
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