Applying Intuition – A family business peer-to-peer group was looking for an energy boost.

Client’s Challenging Situation:

From time to time peer-to-peer groups need a catalyst to boost energy levels and inspire new thoughts and actions.

Scope of the Problem:

A Canadian-based family business peer-to-peer group were looking for an informative book that they could study with peers. Perhaps, studying the book would help the group improve its ability to address and solve problems…or gain advantages by addressing opportunities.

Our Solution:

We recommended the book StrengthsFinder 2.0. For the price of the book, the reader had the opportunity to take an online personality assessment. The assessment would provide Gallup Organization’s interpretation of the individual’s talents themes. We volunteered to provide a 1-hour free workshop for the peer-to-peer group members if the members took the Gallup assessment and sent the results to us. All the members of the peer-to-peer group took the Gallup assessment and sent us their individual “talent theme” reports. We created a customized workshop and delivered it to the members of the peer-to-peer group.

The Value Delivered:

When we held the workshop, everyone participated with enthusiasm. Discussions were lively. [We expected that from a group of family-business leaders.] Each person felt the Gallup assessment accurately reflected his/her personality traits. People were impressed with the energy boost they received while sharing thoughts about talents and strengths with one another. Half the members of the peer-to-peer group hired us to perform strengths-based leadership workshops for their leadership teams.

Together our conversations can expand solutions and value

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