Let’s Describe the People Who Buy Customized Software

The people who buy customized software are success-oriented.

The people who buy customized software know:

1. You only get what you pay for

  • Sometimes you must work hard to even get that much
  • It is easy to find two of the following three things – quality, service, price – and  successful leaders know the two they want to give and receive
  • Successful people want to own many of the best things in life and the best things in business … the “best things” fit the job at hand and do what you want them to do

2. One size does not fit all

  • If you want your clothes to fit, then you must know what size you wear and you know you will get the best fit when you buy custom-tailored clothing
  • If you want to keep up with the fashion trends, and that does help some people self-motivate [look good, feel good], there’s nothing like bespoke apparel
  • If you want to keep up with the technology trends, you need to buy or build new, more-advanced tools … as soon as possible

3. Business Leaders must be Visionary, always looking ahead with optimism

  • To achieve their goals, leaders assess risks, rewards, costs, and benefits and make decisions
  • As Jim Estill has taught for many years, smart business leaders want to “fail, often, fail fast, fail cheap” as they work their way toward goals
  • Smart business leaders seek smart people who know how to use the best tools required for the job at hand

4. People are Curious and Creative

  • These are excellent qualities when new/novel problems arise, and special attention must be paid to problem-solving
  • This can be very inefficient when people stray from proven paths that take them to proven next steps and to desired goals … people need to maintain focus and tools help people stay focused
  • Knowing that routine work must be organized for efficiency and effectiveness, successful leaders choose custom-tailored tools to automate routine work

5. Assets contain Value

  • Off-the-shelf software is an asset built, owned, and controlled by 3rd-parties
  • When purchased and built properly, customized software is owned and controlled by the business that uses it to run part or all its operations
  • Properly built customized software performs near perfection, is scalable, and can be updated and enhanced with the addition of new features … adding quantifiable value to the business that owns it


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