Customized Software Brings Major Success

Based on our experiences, there are dozens of situations where customized software is the ideal solution.

Here are a few examples:

Big Businesses

Customized software solutions – enterprise portals, ERPs – are essential when your business is big and you have many people who need to coordinate their work to achieve shared goals. Smaller businesses, having fewer people, must rely more heavily on personal organization skills rather than automated work-process systems. Big, enterprise businesses rely on customized software solutions to organize, oversee, and control standard operating practices and procedures. BIG-business people automate their work to the full extent possible under an integrated software ‘tool’. SAP is one of our neighbours at the David Johnston Research & Technology Park. Here is a link to an SAP article, addressing big company enterprise portals – link.

Tech Startups – Businesses That Want to Launch New & Compelling Products & Services

Tech startups are an incredibly special breed of business people. These inspired people bring their lofty ideas to life. When lofty ideas are involved, no project is too small for customized software. When people see market problems/opportunities, customized software helps them build solutions to those problems. Customized software is required whether these people are building web or mobile ‘apps’, assembly line robotics, new IoT hardware, blockchain tools, quantum models, life-saving devices, games, satellites, or numerous other things [that are limited only by imagination].

Businesses That Aspire to Commercialize Their Ideas & Grow Big

Successful smaller to mid-sized businesses have plans to grow and gain advantages in their industry sector. Being successful, they have innovative ideas and new ways to provide better solutions for their clients’ problems. And, they have sufficient cashflow to fund initiatives that will enable new ways of serving clients, new process efficiencies, future scalability, and rapid near-term growth. Growth typically involves new, innovative ‘apps’, products, or services and it is critical that the software behind these innovations performs flawlessly when launched into ‘mass’ markets. These companies use customized software, building and testing prototypes then rebuilding enhanced versions that will meet high-volume user demands and devsecops requirements. Some of these companies grow large [become Big Businesses] and require enterprise portals to cover their internal operating requirements.

Businesses That Want to Outshine Their Competitors

To outshine competitors, businesses need to attract and keep quality employees and quality clients. When businesses operate on the creative/leading end of their industry’s bell curve, they know people get frustrated and annoyed by the limitations of off-the-shelf software. To avoid bringing frustrations and annoyances to their employees and clients, leading-edge companies invest in customized software. They begin their process for building customized software by talking with their employees and clients:

  • they learn about the obstacles that prevent people from performing their best work,
  • they learn about the positive [better and best] practices performed by their competitors, and
  • they learn about their clients’ nice-to-have and need-to-have wish lists.

Armed with facts about service and product improvements, businesses that want to outshine their competitors invest in customized software solutions, at least small and affordable solutions, and sometimes full-operating software tools. Their customized software solutions fit like a glove. Employees and clients, stand up and take notice. Growth, loyalty, and enjoyable careers follow.

More examples to follow in future posts …

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